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Oxford Instruments Oxford Instruments specialises in the design, manufacture and support of high-technology tools and systems for industry, research, education, space, energy, defence and healthcare. They combine core technologies in areas such as low temperature and high magnetic field environments; X-ray, electron and optical based metrology; nuclear magnetic resonance, advanced growth, deposition and etching. Their X-ray detectors are world leaders in their field. Richmond Electronic Services are proud to be a partner of Oxford Instruments. Jim Bradley, principal technician at Oxford is very impressed with the service quality and speed of Richmond. He says: "Richmond have repaired electro thermal temperature controllers for us which are used in the manufacturing process of the X-ray detectors. Their accuracy of work and speed of repair is excellent. We are very pleased to have found such a reliable company and look forward to a long term partnership."

Jim Bradley - Oxford Instruments
Bernard Matthews The Bernard Matthews meat processing divisions in East Anglia rely on Richmond Electronics for the speedy repair of all their turkey and pork meat machinery. Richard Bell (Prep engineering Dept Manager) at Bernard Matthews says that Richmond Electronics are a valuable and trusted service provider. He said; "Richmond provide us with excellent customer service and their repair quality is second to none. We value their ability to quickly respond to our needs - as you can imagine any problem with equipment at our processing plants is a concern to us but the speedy response and expert problem solving skills of the Richmond team mean that we keep our downtime to a minimum." Bernard Matthews use Richmond to repair a wide variety of equipment ranging from power supplies to temperature controllers and labelling machines. In fact any piece of electronic equipment, which can be repaired, is passed on to the team at Richmond.

Richard Bell - Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd
Anglian Windows Steve Church, Asset Maintenance Manager, of Anglian Windows, who has been using Richmond for over 12 years says; "The extrusion plant operation is a 24 hour one which means that any breakdown in machinery causes the manufacturing of windows to cease. They have consistently done a good job for us with excellent turnaround times. Their workmanship is superb - what is important to us is their ability to technically support all our equipment, whatever its age. We rely on them to get us up and running whenever we experience equipment failures. By using them we are able to keep our downtime to a minimum."

Steve Church - Anglian Windows
Institute of Food Research Richmond have on several occasions done a great job repairing power supplies for us. This enabled us to keep scientific instruments going which would otherwise have had to be replaced (at considerably higher cost!). I am very pleased with their service.

Dr. Klaus Wellner - Institute of Food Research
One Railway Richmond have been servicing the Communication Units and all manner of current and obsolete electronic items for abellio greateranglia for the past 14 years. Brian Wells, Materials and Logistics Manager, says of their service: "I can't sing their praises highly enough. They are able to fix items I thought we would have no option but to replace, with the result that they significantly expand the lifespan of the product and this provides savings for the business. Their ability to swiftly diagnose faults and then deliver a fully functioning piece of equipment back to me is invaluable."

Brian Wells - abellio greateranglia


Richmond Electronics can also include the prestigious Alstom company as one of its satisfied rail customers. Richmond were asked to manufacture surge suppression panels for CL86 locomotives. The relays were experiencing burn out and the introduction of the VRR/VLR surge suppression units reduced the burn out of relays and so extended their life significantly. Peter Atkins of Alstom says of his experience of working with Richmond: "They are super people to work with. They provided us with a quality product which fixed an annoying recurrent problem for us which was costing us both time and money. The service they offer is very professional and great value for money."

Peter Atkins - Alstom April 2004
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Last Update : 25 November 2014